Staring at the screen...
and just don't know where to start?

Feel like you're packing 10 lbs
of content into a 5 lb bag?

Staying awake at night worried
about missing the mark?

Margy Schaller helps professionals who want to grow their business through speaking. Her presentations help speakers write a talk that drives clarity, connects with their audience and delivers results.

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Your Sauce + My Secret =
A Winning Presentation

In this highly interactive presentation, Margy Schaller, international speaker and author of Formulate a Winning Presentation, guides participants in fine-tuning the ingredients for a successful speech.

Throughout the program, Margy will walk you through a step-by-step content development formula that delivers clarity. You will discover how to filter ideas through: 1) your personal "why" (ie, why you do what you do), 2) your BIG IDEA statement, and 3) your speaking goals.

Get ready to supercharge your presentation with little known neuroscience hacks. Before you know it, you'll be "into your comfort zone" delivering your subject matter expertise with the confidence of knowing you have a powerful presentation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how knowing and sharing your purpose will move your audience into action

  • Determine how to select the right content for your audience

  • Learn a proven formula for creating content that delivers the "aha" your audience wants

  • Explore the art & neuroscience of design choices which increases retention

  • Identify how to use your Speaker StyleSM to achieve your goals

  • Learn how to use connection and stories to access the decision-making part of the brain

Suggested Audience:

Professionals who want to grow their business through speaking

Suggested Format:

Full or Partial Day; Lecture and/or Workshop* *Workshop participants will develop their content outline for their presentation during this session!

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Avoid The 3 Most Common Mistakes Speakers Make
and learn the secrets of a winning presentation

Attend this no-cost seminar conducted by Margy Schaller, and learn how to get your audience leaning forward to hear what you have to say. If you add just one of these tips to your presentation arsenal, you will be a more effective presenter... adding all 3 will make you a killer presenter!

  • How using goals can help you deliver clarity

  • The single thing that will take the pain out of writing your next presentation AND will delight your audience

  • The secret technique neurologists know for making your message unforgettable

Attention Consultants & Vendors: Did you know that speaking is the #1 strategy for attracting high-paying clients?

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Margy Schaller works with speakers who want more bookings and corporate presenters who want to make their message stick. As an international speaker and trainer, she shares a proven formula to create and present inspired content. In fact, she wrote the book, Formulate A Winning Presentation. As a result of her work, people often share they have more clarity of thought, more confidence in their material, more impact and influence with their audience members. On a personal note, Margy loves to travel and in the last year she took her first full trip around the world!

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