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You may have been asking the wrong question about your presentation!!

Posted on March 23, 2018

You may have been asking the wrong question about your presentation!!

Most speakers think long and hard about this question:

How can I teach what I know?

Is that the right question?  Are we falling into the trap of thinking our content must be good because I keep getting asked to speak?

Shouldn’t it be..

How can I teach what they need?

But how do we know what our audience needs?  Unfortunately, we usually don’t have the luxury of doing a full needs assessment or pre-meeting survey, so it’s tough to know the answer to this question.

Could we ask the meeting planner more questions?  Could we reach out to a few key attendees?

Once we know more about where the audience is starting, we must connect the dots for them to see how adopting our information will help them achieve THEIR goals.  Adults need the WIFM (What’s In it For Me) before they will expend the brain energy to really learn and appreciate new information.

We can change lives IF we have clarity on what steps are required AND can provide the audience with everything they need to achieve their goals.

If you would be open to a conversation about doing some content coaching with me, I’d love to hear from you.  As I result of working with me, people often share that they have more clarity of thought, more confidence in their material, more impact and more influence with their audiences, and yes, more bookings!  Please email me at to set up a complimentary consultation.