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Which is Worse: No One Shows Up For Your Lecture Or No One Listens?

Posted on June 29, 2018

Which is Worse: No One Shows Up For Your Lecture Or No One Listens?

I’m not sure which is a worse scenario for a speaker, having no one show up, or having no one listen.

I’ve been that person in the audience who is so turned off that I stop listening. For me it can be any number of reasons… the speaker is monotone and boring, the topic is too elementary or too overwhelming, the speaker is too salesy, or cheesy, or rude, or egotistical.

But I also tune out when I think the speaker is overly optimistic. When they say things like “if you do this one thing, you won’t believe the results you will get!” I’d rather hear, “this is hard work and you may not succeed at first, but with perseverance, I think you will see a difference in your results”.

Think of yourself as a weather forecaster. Do you say “100% Sunny” or do you say, “low lying clouds in the morning followed by a gradual shift to a sunny day?” Now, put yourself in the consumer’s shoes, which forecast is more significant to planning your day?

If you’ve been given the privilege of the podium, use your lessons learned, whether for better or for worse, to give your audience the best chance at success.

Becoming significant means helping others
see down the path you’ve been down…
a “forecast” of things to come.