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TRUE STORY: This client had to reassess her topic

Posted on March 16, 2018

Mary Fox: went from wanted to talk about her passion (Love) to talking about audience's need (helping clients)

One of my favorite things about coaching clients on their content is hearing their passion about their topic.  This particular day I was talking with someone who was so excited about her shift from a scarcity mentality to one of abundance, and how her energy now came from a place of love.  This, she said, was what she wanted to talk about.

So, I asked the question I always ask my clients, “what do you want the audience to DO as a result of this talk?”  She paused, and said she wanted them to join her in this vision of love and abundance.  I said, “So what actions should they be able to do differently after hearing you talk?  What are your GOALS for them?”

After going back and forth, she realized that her audience needed tools to help their clients.  That living from abundance meant giving them the tools they needed to be successful.  That her greatest act of love would be to focus on THEM, not on her.

Once we make the shift from our passion to our audiences’ needs, we are able to create those moments of significance.

 We can change lives IF we have clarity on what steps are required AND can provide the audience with everything they need to achieve their goals.