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The subject you are speaking on DOESN’T matter

Posted on February 23, 2018

The subject you are speaking on DOESN'T matter

If you are an expert on retirement planning, and I don’t have any interest in that subject, it doesn’t matter how well you present it.  I’m either not going to attend, or not going to pay attention.  However, if your talk is on how to ensure I get to travel extensively after I retire, I’m all in! You see it doesn’t matter what subject you are speaking on…

what matters are the RESULTS.

For your audience.

And if you can’t clearly help them see the action and the results, they don’t know what to do next.

When you sit down to write your talk, start first by writing out the subject, the action and the results (of doing or not doing the action).  Use this as a frame to decide what to include and what to exclude.  This will help you avoid confusing your audience with too much ancillary information.  Tie everything back to the Big Idea, and you will delight your audience!

Create a BIG IDEA statement that helps your audience understand the significance of your talk.