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The phrase you should NEVER say

Posted on July 27, 2018

The phrase you should NEVER say

As soon as I hear someone say, “All you have to do is…” I cringe. All I know is that is going to lead me to ripping my hair out in utter frustration!

When you get a new computer and the sales person says, “All you have to do is install all your old software and you’re good to go!”

When you order a new internet router and the packaging says, “All you have to do is plug and play.”

When you go to a communication course, and the instructor says, “All you have to do is use these phrases in a high conflict situation.”

Basically, the expert is telling me how simple this is… for them. They have done it a million times and don’t even need to think about how to do each step.

As a speaker, are we oversimplifying our big idea? Or, can we be kind to our audience and break it down into steps even a novice can achieve.

The best measure of your significance
as a presenter is how well people implement
your ideas after you’ve left the room.

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