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Speakers: I dare you to cut your content!

Posted on May 25, 2018

Speakers: I Dare you to Cut your Content!

One of the most powerful moments as a coach is when I get the call after someone has sorted out all the notecards I have them make and they say, “WOW, it is so much clearer now!”

This all starts when I have them put everything they want to include in their talk on a notecard, one thought or one fact per card. Then, once they have 75-100 notecards, they sort them into logical stacks with no more than 5-7 cards per stack. The goal is to find notecards that DON’T fit into a stack. Then, they group each stack into some logical order. Again, the goal is to find stacks that don’t fit into the logical order.

This simple process helps clear out the unnecessary noise and gives our talk clarity. It turns out that the more we leave out, the greater the impact of what we have left.

If you want to be significant, you must have clarity
about what will make an impact for your audience.

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