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Show Me the Data

Posted on September 6, 2017

Show Me The Data

Neuroscience tells us that decisions are NOT made based upon facts and data.  Sit with that for a moment.

Decisions are actually made in the Limbic part of our brain where emotions are processed.  From there we collect the facts and data that support the decision we’ve already made to justify this decision.

As a presenter, we show our audience data to prove something, usually because we want to persuade them to change or buy something.  Consider this, has looking at a spreadsheet or chart every truly inspired you to action???

We need to humanize data by visually presenting it in a way that shows your point while also becoming memorable.  When you take it from mind-numbing to emotionally charged, your audience will become ambassadors for your message!

Here are some ideas for how to display data with visual impact:

Chart: Uses two axes to show the relation of two different variables.

























Data from: 

Concept Charts- show how something happens and teaches people new concepts and ideas.

Display Data with Visual Impact












Timeline- show the growth or evolution of something

Dental Timeline












Geo Map- visually display data pertaining to cities, demographics or countries

Dental offices