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How do I pick just one outcome when I have more than one?

Posted on January 12, 2018

How do I pick just one outcome when I have more than one?

Like all forced-choices, when we have to pick one, we imagine how we would feel if just one thing could be accomplished.  Which of the choices would make us the happiest?  Or would give us the greatest sense of accomplishment?

If you know where you are aiming, you are more likely to hit the target.

So, which of these would you MOST like to happen at the end of your talk?

  •  The audience hires you or buys your product
  • The audience is so inspired that they stretch to be better than yesterday
  • The audience learns how to do something
  • The audience learns why a piece of information is important and how to use it

The good news is if you pick one, then others will organically happen.  The better news is now you know what your goalpost looks like and you can drive your preparation efforts in the winning direction.

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