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Nothing you say will matter until you tell them why

Posted on May 18, 2018

Nothing you say will matter until you tell them why

Simon Sinek says that if you want people to take action, you must start with “why” before you get into the “how” and the “what”.

One of my clients was constructing a talk which had three main sections.  These sections detailed out what the actions were and how to do them.  In our coaching, I asked him why an audience would want to make the effort to take these actions and he said, “well to have a better life”.

We now know that our brains are hard-wired to sift the zillions of pieces of input that come at us.


The brain is looking for two things:

1. What we can do to avoid pain
2. What we can do to get pleasure

If we don’t lead with one of these two things before we deliver an important piece of content, the brain will actively dump the new thought into the short-term memory… only to be gone within hours or days.

Now my client starts with a sobering story about his colleague who was in such despair that she ultimately took her own life.  He talks about his own grief and how it propelled him to find steps that would actively improve his own quality of life.  With this emotional message, the audience is leaning forward to hear every word he has to say.

If you want to be significant, you must have clarity
about what will make an impact for your audience.

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