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My ALL-TIME (least) favorite question from speakers

Posted on October 26, 2018

My ALL-TIME (least) favorite question from speakers

“How many slides should I have for an X hour talk?”

And what I think they mean is, “how much content should I have for an X hour talk”. A much better question, but still not the right one.

The best question is, “how can I best serve my audience with the time I’ve been given?”

You see if we start from the end goal, then determining which content to deliver is easier. Whittle it down to the smallest take-away you can imagine that best serves the audience and do it spectacularly.

And as for slides, I always suggest starting with zero. You should only have slides that are necessary to deliver key concepts visually into the memory. Anything else is for you (to keep you on track).

I believe as speakers our job is to deliver the right quantity at the highest quality at the highest quality.  That is significance.

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