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Masterfully using the Five Ws and a How

Posted on July 13, 2018

Masterfully using the Five Ws and a How

Have you ever watched this video of the dad asking his kids to show him how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

The trouble with telling someone else how to implement some new process or tool is that we often skip steps.

One way to ensure we have thought through every aspect of our instructions is to ask ourselves the Five Ws and a How.

Here are some example questions you might want to ensure you have addressed:

Who: Who is involved… who needs to be informed… who will this affect… who has the final say… etc…

What: What are the steps… what is needed to do this… what is the desired outcome… what expertise will I need… etc…

Where: Where will this take place… where are the resources I need… where can I find more information… where will I encounter this situation… etc…

When: When will this come up for me… when do I do this process… when will I need more help… when can I hire you… etc…

Why: Why should I do this vs that… why is this important… why can’t I do it the old way… why is each step necessary… etc…

How: How can I learn more… how can I hire you… how can I get my team on board… how do I get these type of results… etc…

If we haven’t given our audience confidence that they can do what we are suggesting, then we haven’t really helped them at all.

The best measure of your significance
as a presenter is how well people implement
your ideas after you’ve left the room.

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