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“I just want them to know all this stuff is out there”

Posted on August 24, 2018

“I just want them to know all this stuff is out there”

One of my clients is a brilliant doctor. She is at the forefront of her area of expertise and keeps current with all the published research.

A couple years ago, I was working with her to prepare for a 2-day seminar. She kept adding and adding more and more information. I know she wanted to make sure she delivered the highest value to her attendees. But when I asked her whether she thought they could retain everything she was including, she stopped and laughed. “No, I just want them to know that all this stuff is out there.”

We ended up picking out the 5 most critical areas that she thought they would need to know and put all the other research into an appendix of the handout. She was more relaxed, knowing she only had to drill down into these 5 areas, and her audience ended up saying it was the best seminar on this topic they had ever attended.

If we aren’t delivering clarity to our audience,
how will we make a significant impact?

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