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How this speaker customizes her speech depending on the allotted time

Posted on October 19, 2018

How this speaker customizes her speech depending on the allotted time

JoAn Majors, CSP is one of the most gifted speakers I’ve ever heard. She has the ability to connect with an audience so well that they each think she is speaking directly with them. They laugh, they cry, and they LEARN. JoAn could deliver a two-day program at the drop of a hat. But ask her to speak for 2 hours, and she really has to do some critical thinking.

Her core content centers around a different way of approaching customer service. She calls it “The Cycle of 6”. She is so passionate that she wants to deliver all of it to every audience! One day after watching her, I asked her “how much of this do you think your audience is going to remember in a few days?” I think she was slightly miffed at me for suggesting SHE wasn’t effective, but then she called me laughing and said “OK I get it. How do I fix this?”

Today JoAn works closely with the meeting planner to find out what are the most important take-aways for their audience. She still gives a high-level overview of the full cycle, but then only delves into detail on selected parts of the cycle as time allows. This allows her to deliver value that will last longer than a few days.

I believe as speakers our job is to deliver the right quantity at the highest quality at the highest quality.  That is significance.

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