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Help! How do I develop a talk on a whole new subject?

Posted on December 7, 2018

Help! How do I develop a talk on a whole new subject?

A few years ago, I got a panicked call from a client, “I have been asked to develop a talk on a whole new subject and I really want to do well.  But I’m not sure how to even get started!”

We agreed to meet the following week, and when I arrived, she had written an outline based upon what she thought was important.  As I started to ask questions, she realized that some topics were out of order, others needed more explanation, and a few topics didn’t even need to be in this talk.

I suggested that she start more granularly by writing down each thought on a notecard.  Then we expanded the pile of notecards by writing out the missing explanations, the ancillary thoughts and the action steps needed for each topic.  Once we started sorting these out into logical piles and moving them around in different orders, she was instantly able to see how her talk went from interesting to powerful.  She actually danced around the room in delight!

Whether you want to update or refine an existing talk or create a new one, take the time to explore your topic, narrow down the focus, and refine the message.

There is no greater significance than delivering clarity.
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