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Case Study: He was a Recruiter trying to be a Teacher

Posted on January 19, 2018

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Last year I worked with a client who had been asked to speak at a conference.  He is the owner of a company and was also going to have a booth in the exhibit hall. 

His content was a mixture of good leadership ideas, strategies for an efficient dental practice and then a pitch for his product.  It was so all over the place that I had a hard time understanding what he was trying to accomplish.

What happened?  This speaker had the best of intentions.  He didn’t want to come across like a “sales” guy, so he was trying to put good content together for the audience.  At the same time, he wanted to drive people to his booth.

After working together, he was able to see that a Recruiter does NOT sell from the podium, rather they show how a common problem can be solved.  They talk about how they, the speaker, originally struggled with some problem and their journey to find a solution.  They talk about prior examples of people who have these same problems, and how the solution worked for them.  They invite the audience to imagine a world where this common problem was solved in their lives.

Once he understood this, he was delighted to toss out the random leadership and efficiency content he had, and focused clearly on who he was and how he could add value for the audience.

Next time you find yourself muddled in your content development, ask yourself, what am I trying to accomplish and how can that be my guiding focus.

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