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Can webinars be used successfully?

Posted on July 20, 2018

Can webinars be used successfully?

As webinars grow in popularity, I often wonder whether there is any way to ensure the audience is even listening… are we just too distracted to pay attention?

There is a commonly quoted myth that our attention span is lower than a goldfish’s. It turns out that there was no solid research behind that, but it churned up lots of interest which has yielded some new findings.
“Not only is our attention getting better at processing more information, it’s also becoming better at alternating between different things without compromising any of them. In other words, we can easily focus on more than one thing at once. And all these new-found attention-related skills are dedicated to achieving one primary objective: finding the content that’s worth paying attention to.

The overriding conclusion of the science on this is pretty clear: our attention isn’t diminishing; it’s becoming more demanding. It processes information increasingly intensively – and it’s almost always hungry for more. The neuro-scientific driver of this is the chemical dopamine, which makes us feel good and is released every time we do something rewarding. When we find something interesting, we get a dopamine hit. When we spend time reading or watching something dull and pointless, we don’t.” (Source:–content-marketing/2016/the-great-goldfish-attention-span-myth–and-why-its-killing-cont)

Dr. Dave Striegel hired me to help create a series of webinars. For each topic, he broke the content down into 4 subcategories: What is was, Why it mattered, How to do it, and finally, an Application activity. During the opening of the next webinar, they spent some time reviewing the action steps that had been taken on the prior one. Dr. Striegel ensured that his webinars were interesting, worthwhile and action oriented.

The best measure of your significance
as a presenter is how well people implement
your ideas after you’ve left the room.

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