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Are You This Brave?

Posted on June 22, 2018

Are you this brave?

Their mistakes are your treasure.

I’m talking about those speakers who make big mistakes in their lives and are willing to get vulnerable and help others avoid those painful results.

Dr. Roy Shelburne went to prison for something he didn’t know was illegal. Today he travels every week to share his story in the hopes that no one has to suffer what he went through.

Dr. Bill Simon had a series of bad things happen as he opened his first practice which resulted in having to start over a couple of times. He worked with me to create a presentation which helps new dentists learn how his inexperience led to even worse consequences.

I’ve heard it said that each one of us can make any decision we want, so long as we are willing to deal with the consequences (good or bad). But as a speaker, if we are asking people to make a change in their behavior, we MUST give them the forecast for both the good and the bad consequences!

Are you this brave?

Becoming significant means helping others
see down the path you’ve been down…
a “forecast” of things to come.