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A significant tool for all speakers

Posted on November 2, 2018

A significant tool for all speakers

You are ready to write your talk, and bam. Writers block. Most people say, “I’m not sure where to start” or “I have so many ideas flying around but can’t figure out how to get it all down”.

Enter the Notecard Nation. I developed a simple tool for all speakers. Take a stack of notecards and write out each idea you have on each notecard. Keep the ideas to the most granular level of detail possible. One definition. One data point. One quote. One step in a process. Once your brain is empty, strive to do 25% more than you already have. I suggest at least 75 notecards for a 1-2 hour talk. This often takes a couple weeks but you would be amazed at what cool things you collect as you allow yourself to chase rabbits.

Read next week’s blog to find out how to use your pile of notecards!

There is no greater significance than delivering clarity.
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