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Onsite Presentation Design Services

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Slide optimization services include:

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  • PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi presentation design
  • Application of adult learning principles to aid in knowledge transfer
  • Unique templates
  • Custom Graphics and Infographics
  • Image sizing and sourcing
  • Transitions and animations
  • Inserting audio and/or video elements.

Laser Pointer also provides services for non-medical presentation design needs!


Adding visuals to verbal (text and/or auditory) learning can result in significant gains in basic and higher-order learning.

Adults learn better when extraneous words, pictures, and sounds are excluded rather than included.

Slide Templates

Delete that overused powerpoint template. If we have seen it hundreds of time, our minds think we have seen the presentation as well and may not focus as intently. Alternatively, if the template just adds clutter, it can distract from the visual impact of a slide. Everything on your slides should be a communication point, not just decoration. This is why templates should either be a very simple design or a background that contributes to the learning of the subject.

“There is no direct research on the use of templates in PowerPoint. However, there is research that shows that any material (pictures, sounds or information) which is not conceptually relevant to the topic harms learning.” (Bartsch, R.A. & Cobern, K.M. (2003). Effectiveness of PowerPoint presentations in lectures. Computers & Education, 41, 77-86.)

Sometimes simple tips and tricks can boost your confidence and audience impact. Or perhaps this will be your first time on a main podium and you want a personal coach in your corner.

Custom training can be designed to fit your needs from one-on-one phone calls, to video training to in-person coaching. Please contact us to discuss your needs.