Laser Pointer Presentations

Medical Slide Design Portfolio

These before and after samples are from medical, dental and team building slide decks, designed either in PowerPoint or Keynote. They are posted with permission from the listed client but are not to be used for any other purpose.

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"Thank you so much for making my slides look so professional. It is easier to present an awesome presentation when your slides are amazing! The wide format was definitely an added touch for me. You made the process seamless and easy. Job well done!"
Ali Kanawati, DDS, MBA, MS
Prosthodontist at ClearChoice Dental Implant Center-Cleveland
Prader Willie Presentation Slide Example Before
Prader Willie Presentation Slide Example After
Prader Willie Presentation Slide Example Before
Prader Willie Presentation Slide Example After
"Laser Pointer turned my ordinary slideset into an engaging and memorable presentation. They combined a good understanding of the medical information with terrific graphic skills, and added just the right amount of spice. They did the initial work quickly and independently, then polished it up with my feedback. The result is the best slideset that I have ever had, with a much smaller investment of time.”
Alison Hoppin, MD
Associate Director for Pediatric Services
MassGeneral Hospital for Children/span>
Masterpiece Slide Example Before
Masterpiece Slide Example After
Building Your Practice Slide Example Before
Building Your Practice Slide Example After
"Margy has taken my presentations from good to great! She has an amazing talent of helping me bring my ideas to life! Margy can take the stress out of preparing for a presentation and wow your audience."
Dr. Tanya Brown, DMD, FAGD
Speaker, Consultant, Author
Example Powerpoint Slide Before Transformation.
Example Presentation Slide After Transformation.
Example Presentation Slide Before Transformation.
Example Presentation Slide After Transformation.
"Laser Pointer and Margy Schaller can make you more effective and impactful as a presenter. My passion is to use communication and demonstration to inspire and motivate others. With Laser Pointer I am free to focus on my strengths and have confidence my message will be communicated powerfully and effectively! Thanks Margy and Laser Pointer!"
Scott A Strommer, DDS
Implantologist and Guided Surgery Trainer
Rapport Slide Example Before
Rapport Slide Example After
Technology Slide Example Before
Technology Slide Example After
"I love to surround myself with talented and smart people. Margy is one of the smartest people I know! It has never been a problem for me to get great revues on my speaking skills but I have never gotten a comment on my material until Margy came along. My participants commented on how much the material made sense to them. If you have knowledge or a skill and want others to truly find value in your Margy, she will take your material to another level. She makes sense of my words and stories better than my words and stories do alone! J"
JoAn Majors, RDA
Professional Speaker and Published Author
Example Slide Before
Example Slide Transformed
"Sometime as a scientist I am convinced that the content of my presentation is paramount to making my message clear. However, when I sit on the other side of the fence and I listen to colleagues giving scientific presentations, I realize that the way the message is delivered is equally important. Indeed, it is not only exciting science but also engaging delivery that captures the audience attention. Laser Pointer got it right. They spark the audience’s interest with engaging presentations by featuring content with a very captivating, yet professional style.”
Alessio Fasano, MD.
Chief of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
MassGeneral Hospital for Children