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About Laser Pointer

Combine your expert content with a power presentation.I work with speakers who want to FORMULATE A WINNING PRESENTATION

Margy Schaller, President

Why Laser Pointer ?

Certified Instructional Designer

We combine creativity with adult learning principles to bring your message to life.

Over 20 Years Experience

We understand the needs of both healthcare and corporate presentations.

Award Winning Toastmaster

Margy Schaller has won regional competitions and continues to entertain and educate audiences today!

I have been blessed with some amazing mentors and friends who have shown up in my life to help me become the best version of me I can be. I can never repay that debt, but my greatest joy comes from paying it forward.

I believe everybody has something profound to say, but sometimes it is lost in the delivery. Laser Pointer believes in helping the true, powerful voice come out of every speaker so their audiences can benefit from their content and message.



Act in accordance with the highest convictions and ethical standards.


Engage in creative work that expresses clients' essence.


Close attention to detail.


New isn't always better, sometimes an existing item can be remade into something magical.

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